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Amersfoort Between | Smallepad 32 | 3811 MG Amersfoort

Flex & Coworking Space

Becoming a member of The Office Operators flex network your organization will stay lean and mean. Get a Business Lounge membership or consider a Private Office. Then you will only be paying for your private office when you actually make use of an office space. Without losing the benefits of your own fully outfitted office.

  • Coffee bar
  • Close to central station
  • Dedicated Service Team
  • Meeting rooms
More information about Flex space Amersfoort Between:
The Office Operators will gladly take everything out of your hands!

Business Lounge

Amersfoort Between Flex Space Lobby

Private Office

Our Business Lounge membership allows you access to all of the flex working spaces at the heart of all our locations.  You can work without committing to a fully furnished space. Even if you’re working alone, at The Office Operators you’ll be in a dynamic environment.

A Private Office is fantastic for freelancers looking for a quiet work environment. The Private Office is a parttime separate workspace with all the office facilities you can think of. At The Office Operators we’ll take care of everything!

The benefits of flex working in Between
Extended Reception Services
Centrally located
In- house coffee bar
Excellent parking facilities
Professional business location
High speed internet & WiFi
Other Flex work locations