Flex space Amsterdam Sloterdijk Millennium Tower

Millennium Tower | Radarweg 29 | 1054 NX Amsterdam

Coworking Space Amsterdam Sloterdijk

The Office Operators offers different possibilities to you as a flex worker. Do you prefer to work in a fully furnished modern workspace or rather in a lively open space? Whatever you choose, Amsterdam Sloterdijk has it. In addition the TOO Service team will gladly take on your facility management as to enable you to focus on your core business without further distractions. The Millennium Tower also offers a tasteful restaurant on the ground floor where you can welcome you guests in an informal setting.    

  • Close to train station
  • Restaurant
  • Service Team
  • Quick & Easy
More information about Flex space Amsterdam Sloterdijk Millennium Tower:
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Every guest, flex worker or big private office tenant can count on our service team. They are always there for you to support your business!

Business Lounge

Private Office

With a Business Lounge membership you are welcome to work in our flex area’s. Nespresso and tea is included. Need more privacy or receiving guests for a few hours? Book one of our meeting rooms. This option is not just ideal for freelancers, distance workers and start-ups, but also provides temporary extra space for permanent tenants.


A Private Office is great for our clients who need an extra desk at peak times. But it’s also fantastic for freelancers looking for a quiet work environment. A Private Office is a separate workspace with all the office facilities you can think of. Combine this option with TOO’s Virtual Office, and even answering the phone and posting letters will be a thing of the past! We offer a lot of flexibility for very little cost.


Millennium Tower is perfectly located at the junction of the A10 and A5 and less than 500 metres from station Amsterdam Sloterdijk. It has more than ample parking facilities.

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