Every team member of The Office Operators has the chance to develop their skills within the organization. Whatever suits them most. Assistant Center Manager (ACM) Hospitable, excellent coaching skills, hands-on, team player, eye for detail, you know your way in sales and administration! Business Center Manager (BCM) Decisive, responsible, a true sales tiger, helicopter view, a great coach, analyst, able to take risks and make the right choices! But did you know that… We also have many other career opportunities within The Office Operators? What about Finance & Administration, (Inside) Sales or Marketing!

Career development, what’s next?

Our Customer Success Representative are a hostess, receptionist and a personal assistant; all in one. Hospitality is their middle name and with your bubbly and positive personality you always save the day. But we think it’s important to motivate you and develop their skills! With our on the job training program we offer the possibility to grow and have a blooming career at The Office Operators. They save the day in the unexpected case of calamities, so an Emergency Response Officer-training is also in the package!

Main objectives of the TOO Academy program
  • Career development
  • Job Fullfilment
  • Professionalizing
  • Future Oriented
  • Practice Orientated
  • Improved Productivity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Health & Safety