Reception Services To Impress

In a market with ever-changing work concepts, we remain very close to ourselves and what we believe in: offering the very best possible service for your guests. From arrival to departure, we do everything we can to make the day of your guests or employees run as successfully as possible. Making a connection by getting up, making eye contact, giving a hand, showing the way, a drink, a quick solution for a practical problem: little big details. With many years of experience, a special recruitment & selection process,  our own TOO academy, a WOW! Program and a team of enthusiastic talents we daily aim for perfection of our hospitality and service.

Why outsource your reception service to us?
Staffed at all times
Trained Professionals
Hospitality ánd Office Management
Quality Control
The Perfect Welcome!
Smiling, caring, enjoying. Every single moment
Great Service
Your guest are in good hands with our operators
We train and reward our people to surprise and exceed your expectations
Your Office Manager will take care of the meeting room management
Our service is always custom made. Basically we offer two major types of Reception Services: Reception Operators and Office Operators. View and compare these two categories below.

reception Operator

The Reception Operator provides a warm and professional welcome. They register each guest, provide a drink while waiting and show them the way. The Reception Operators are also the ears and eyes on location for the manager or owner of the building!

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The Office Operator does everything a Reception Operator does and so much more! This includes for instance, secretarial support, meeting room management, the purchase of your office and catering supplies, the coordination of, for example, cleaning services and performing quality and safety checks. With our Office Operators you and your company will be serviced to the maximum and you will lack nothing!

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